Our commitment to our clients is unwavering. It begins with a thorough discovery process that helps us understand long-term needs and vision. Once we have established a firm understanding of where our clients want to go we then begin to develop a strategic plan to get them there. When this is established, we clearly delineate the metrics that will be analyzed to ensure optimal success. Only then is the plan flawlessly executed, always mindful of the ultimate goal and flexible enough to incorporate unforeseen opportunities as they arise.


Can Public Relations (CPR) crafts strategically targeted, bespoke communications campaigns for entertainment industry talent, agents and managers, as well as lifestyle brands, that consistently engage with target audiences. Can Public Relations (CPR) is comprised of award winning, highly networked, industry savvy professionals with over a decade of experience in entertainment and lifestyle public relations. Since its inception in 2005, Can Public Relations (CPR) has earned international acclaim as one of Canada’s elite independent public relations agencies.


From securing record label distribution agreements to landing our talent on top television programs as well as internationally renowned publications (digital and print), creating digital content for brands/clients/talents, and integrated PR and marketing campaigns, Can Public Relations (CPR) offers you the experience, expertise and execution to move your career to the next level and beyond.

We are distinguished from other firms by our razor sharp focus and unrivaled expertise in the sphere of Pop Culture Entertainment. This focus has allowed Can Public Relations (CPR) to make an indelible imprint on the Canadian PR scene, providing exclusive celebrity management, buzz-erupting creative promotions and strategic initiatives, targeted brand development and deployment, and carefully curated media buying solutions. It’s all part of the comprehensive suite of results-oriented services offered by Can Public Relations (CPR).


At Can Public Relations (CPR), we deliver measurable results that affect seismic shifts in the trajectory of our clients’ careers, brands and products. We do this by combining a deep understanding of the PR landscape within the Pop Culture Entertainment arena with innovative and effective communications strategies. Can Public Relations laser focus, non-traditional approach coupled with our strategic digital communications outreach will take you, your brand and/or product to the next level.

Can Public Relations (CPR) has recently seen its talent featured in Esquire Magazine, OK! Magazine, Hello! Magazine, TV Guide, and on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. The rapid growth of the firm sparked its own reality series on TVTropolis, which featured the lives and work of Can Public Relations (CPR) Creative Directors and their clients.